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SWP 577



The STIGA SWP 577 is the most powerful push sweeper of the range, an in-and-outdoor-mechanical tool engineered to remove dust, dirt and debris like leaves, papers, cans from hard and concrete surfaces such as driveways, path, patios, parking lots and many others with ease of use and no noise. This tool is perfect for cleaning large residential and public areas.
With its 77 cm of cleaning width, SWP 577 is perfect for a medium work and is equipped with two cleaning brushes with a diameter of 410 mm and with a collector capacity of 50 L.
The sweeper also features 275 mm rubber wheels for enhanced traction and a ergonomic and reversible handlebar.

Power source: manual
Sweeping performance: 3000 m2/h
Drive system: Push
Disk brush diameter: 41 cm
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Код SAP 2W0775012/ST1
Штрих код 8008984800618
Рабочая ширина 77 ??
Тип травосборника Пластиковый
Объём мусоросборника 50 л
Диаметр щётки 41 ??
Рукоятка Эргономичная
Регулировка рукоятки Есть
Габаритные размеры (ДхШхВ) 800 x 770 x 1200 ??
Размер коробки 800 x 300 x 870 ??
Вес нетто 14,6 ??
Вес брутто 17,5 ??
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Не доступно